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Diplomatic and military maneuvering in Napoleonic Europe. 1-6 players. No downtime. No risk, just fun.

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A new century of struggle – and fun – awaits you!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 02:28:47 AM

Hello Everyone!

Another week and we have five new daily bonuses lined up for you. Even better, we have prepared something extra special for you today to help get over those Monday blues. But first, the daily bonus:

New standalone expansion: Raison d'Etat!

Welcome to the 17th century! You didn’t expect that, did you? The Coalition's game system is incredibly versatile, allowing gamers to battle it out for European dominance through diplomacy, alliance, betrayal and arms across multiple settings – and Raison d'Etat proves that perfectly.

This exciting large expansion is all about the word “new”, for this will be in fact an entirely different and fully standalone game based on two long 17th century conflicts: the massive Thirty Years' War and the Polish-Swedish Wars!

Raison d'Etat will come with a new: box, rules, mechanics, battle cards, meeples, tokens, board, coalition system (based on Catholic-Protestant struggle), Wheel of War and most importantly, two playable nations – Poland and Sweden. Same as with the Ancien Regime Expansion, Raison d'Etat will also be a game for up to 7 players.

More details soon! 

To add Raison d'Etat Expansion to your pledge simply edit the details of your pledge or increase your pledge manually with the price of the expansion.

Daily Bonus: the 1809 scenario!

The setup for this scenario echoes the beginning of the War of the Fifth Coalition and as such it favors France more than any other nation in Coalitions. Napoleon is in control of a number of regions in Spain, Central Europe and Italy and Austria is about to launch all of its armies against him. Russia is facing the Ottoman Empire in Bessarabia and Georgia, Britain holds powerful armies in Oporto and Lisbon, and Prussia is neutral following its near-complete destruction in the previous war against France.

Will Napoleon crush the Austrian forces and hold the British advance in Spain? Or will we see a completely different outcome? It’s all up to you!

All the add-ons of the world

Raison d'Etat is the juiciest of all our add-ons, but it’s obviously not the only one. Let’s look at what else we’ve announced to date (and there's more to come!):

- Cardholders

- Metal Coins

- a Giant Mat (1260x840 mm!)

- the Fortresses Expansion Miniature Set

- the Deluxe Miniature Set (for those of you who want to enhance the Group Pledge or simply add another set to your collection)

Support Coalitions and receive free rewards & bonuses

While we’re still a couple of days from hitting the campaign’s halfway point, we’d already like to thank you for the support you’ve provided in making this game and believing in its potential. By supporting Coalitions you also get to receive rewards and bonuses, so let’s make a list of what our backers are getting in this Kickstarter campaign entirely for free:

- Ancien Regime Expansion (with a new game board and a new nation to control)

- Daily Bonuses (only some of them will be available in retail)

- Diplomacy Miniatures (Kickstarter Exclusive; they’ll never be available in retail)

- Fortresses Expansion Miniatures Set (one free set for our Deluxe Pledge backers)

As with add-ons, there’ll be more to come before this campaign is over!

Make Games Happen

We’ve opened several new Make Games Happen preorders these past few weeks. What’s that? It’s a special preorder program we’ve established to help us gauge your interest in our projects. And it’s simple: we get 200-300 of your votes (depending on the game) and we produce the game!

The Make Games Happen program features: Pursuit of Victory (another Napoleonic game, but this time for two players), 1920 (a hex and counter wargame covering the Polish-Soviet War), Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud (a 60-minute simulation of the WWII Eastern Front), El Rey Planeta (a 1-2 player game depicting the times and deeds of King Philip IV of Spain) and Freedom! (a reprint of the Golden Geek Award-nominated siege game). If you’re interested in any or even all of them, visit our store and register your vote to show us you’d like to help us Make These Games Happen!

Shipping Stretch Goal Unlocked

While this campaign relies heavily on Daily Bonuses, we do have classic, if comparatively minor Stretch Goals – and the first one has just been unlocked! You’ve collectively pledged £60,000 and that means each backer will have £1 less to pay for shipping. Good job!

At the same time we’ve unveiled a second Stretch Goal, very similar to the one just unlocked. If we reach £80,000 you’ll get a further reduction of shipping costs – you’ll have £2 less to pay!

Stay safe!

Srdjan, Adrian & PHALANX Team

Viva España
over 1 year ago – Sat, Jun 26, 2021 at 03:44:10 AM

Hello Everyone!

If you’re a football fan from Spain or simply root for La Roja, you’re undoubtedly rejoicing in the fact that the Spanish national team has just entered the knockout phase of Euro 2020. Congratulations! We’ve got even more good news for our Spanish and Spanish-speaking friends, but this time of course concerning Coalitions.

The update also features other news and a Daily Bonus as usual, so let’s get to it!

Spanish Edition of Coalitions

Your requests for the Spanish version have been heard loud and clear. In light of Ancien Regime Expansion and the fact we’re adding Spain as a playable nation through it, we’ve decided to approach the subject the same way we did with the Italian version of Coalitions. If we manage to secure 150 backers from Spain and Spanish-speaking countries, we will develop and print the Spanish edition of the game! So it’s all in your hands!

Daily Bonus: new illustrations on cards!

The Napoleonic era was filled with soldiers, especially cavalrymen, wearing sophisticated and colorful uniforms. It’d be a shame not to show more of those splendid uniforms and men who unfortunately had to wear them (as you can imagine, these uniforms weren’t exactly comfortable). From now on our battle cards will feature more illustrations to add greater variety to the overall visual design of Coalitions!

Another exciting PHALANX project – The Planet King

In keeping with the Spanish theme of today's update, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of something special we have planned for future release. From time to time we come across game designs that simply enchant us – that was the case with Coalitions and that is now the case with The Planet King. Some of you will probably recognize that rather odd-sounding name as an epithet of Philip IV, the King of Spain from 1621 to 1665.

The Planet King is a game for 1 to 2 players depicting the times and deeds of Philip IV. Players have to guide the Spanish Empire through troubled waters of geopolitical struggle, turn the king’s court into a splendid center of culture and arts, and... satisfy the king’s personal needs, including the need to perpetuate his dynasty with a male heir!

This game will be released separately to Coalitions, rather than as an add-on. So keep a look out for further updates!

Social Goal is still on!

Don’t let the Duke of Wellington down, he can’t take Napoleon on by himself ;) Share this post either on Facebook or Twitter (that counts too!) and you’ll unlock the following goals:

- A different shade of red for Wellington’s meeple.

- A special rule concerning how Wellington supports other generals in battle.



Stay safe!

Srdjan, Adrian & PHALANX Team

A Game of Infinite Possibilities
over 1 year ago – Thu, Jun 24, 2021 at 11:52:43 PM

Hello Everyone!

History is a series of events that almost didn't happen – and nothing exemplifies this better than board games based on history, games such as Coalitions. While you can try to recreate some of the events that took place during that entire era, you’ll never get them exactly right. And that’s the beauty of it! In this update you’ll see the starting point of one such event…

Daily Bonus: 1756 scenario for Ancien Regime Expansion

The Ancien Regime Expansion is partially based on the Seven Years’ War. The 1756 scenario was devised to recreate the initial stages of that great conflict, with a large body of Prussian armies under Frederick the Great poised to strike at Austrian-controlled Silesia. In this scenario Britain starts the game as a Prussian ally, while Austria is in a coalition with France and Russia, and Spain as well as the Ottoman Empire are neutral.

Historically Ottomans took no part in the Seven Years’ War... but what if it did? And what if Spain joined the conflict not in 1762, but a few years earlier? Ancien Regime Expansion will allow you to test these fascinating what-ifs like no other game!

An interview with Andrew Rourke

Andrew Rourke, the designer of the game, was recently interviewed by The Player’s Aid. If you want to know how the game came to be, or simply learn what each of the game mechanics represents, this may be an excellent way to find out. Who better to explain the concepts of the game than the designer himself?

Social Goal still to be unlocked!

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington and “the conqueror of the world’s conqueror” is still waiting to be elevated to the next level – maybe not Napoleon’s level, but close enough. Share or interact with this Facebook post and you’ll unlock the following goal:

- A different shade of red for Wellington’s meeple.

- A special rule concerning how Wellington supports other generals in battle.


Stay safe and take care of yourself!

Srdjan, Adrian & PHALANX Team

Prepare for the Siege!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 11:58:29 PM

Hello Everyone!

We’ve just entered the second week of our campaign! Hurrah! We’re very excited to share with you all the content we’ve got prepared for Coalitions - and today is a good day on that front!

We have news on new rules and accompanying miniatures for fortresses, and special rules and a unique meeple for Napoleon’s ultimate nemesis, the Duke of Wellington, that you can unlock through a little social media posting and promotion of Coalitions.

Daily Bonus unlocked: the Fortresses Expansion!

Warfare in the age of Napoleon wasn’t just about daring maneuvers and grand battles, sometimes fortresses needed to be built - or captured. And this is where our Daily Bonus comes in!

Today we’re announcing a new addition to Coalitions - fortresses! Each Coalitions core box will now include fortress tokens and new rules regarding their usage in battles.

In addition to that, each Deluxe Pledge backer will receive the special Fortresses Miniature Set (with 6 miniatures) completely for free! You’ll not only have miniature generals to play with, but miniature fortresses as well.

This is an exciting new development for Coalitions that will further enhance gameplay and enjoyment.

Add-on: Fortresses Expansion Miniature Set

The Fortresses Expansion Miniature Set will also be available as an add-on for £10 (MSRP £12) for the Core Pledge or any other pledge.

Our First Social Goal: Wellington

The French have a special rule for Napoleon (and a differently shaded meeple), so we thought it only right that we do the same for his ultimate conqueror Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington. But first, you need to unlock Wellington. To do this is simple: share or interact with one of our Facebook posts (visit our Facebook page to check out which one!) and you’ll unlock the following goals:

- A different shade of red for Wellington’s meeple.

- A special rule concerning how Wellington supports other generals in battle. If you want to know more about this rule, well... unlock the goal ;)

Deluxe Miniature Set Pledge

Some of you have asked us to open a pledge for just the Deluxe Miniature Set. We think you would be a little crazy not just to back the whole Deluxe pledge, but how could we say no to you? You can still buy the set as an add-on to other pledges, but from now on you can also buy the Deluxe Miniature Setseparately!

The shipping cost for the Deluxe Miniature Set Pledge is the same as with Coalitions Core Pledge.

Stay safe and thanks for your support!

Srdjan, Adrian & PHALANX Team

(Russian) Winter is Coming
over 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 04:13:29 PM

Hello Everyone!

Why would we ever write about winter in the middle of a summer heatwave (at least for those of us living in central Europe – and yes, Russia as well)? I’m sure some of you, if not most, have already figured it out. Today of course marks the 80th anniversary of the ill-fated German invasion of the Soviet Union. Sounds familiar? It should, for Napoleon attempted an invasion of Russia with pretty much the same effect more than a century earlier... And you may be surprised, but in this update we’ll deal with both invasions, at least in a way.

Daily Bonus Unlocked: the 1812 Scenario!

While most of our basic scenarios start with a smaller or greater semblance of balance for all players, so that everyone can have an equal chance of winning, this one is slightly different – as it should be.

The setup for this epic scenario reflects the opening stages of the French Invasion of Russia. Napoleon and the generals of his Grande Armee are massing on the Russian border. With Austria and Prussia reluctantly allied to France, Britain engulfed in their own struggle with France in Spain and Ottomans remaining resolutely neutral, the Russians have to weather the storm alone... But what happens next is all up to you!

Meet Your Diplomats

Each and every Kickstarter backer who chooses the Core, Deluxe or Group pledge will receive 5 Diplomacy Miniatures for free. These beautifully sculpted miniature busts are Kickstarter Exclusives; they won’t be available as an add-on, in late pledge or in retail, so this is it. You can only get them here and now!

Diplomacy Miniatures represent the historical figures featured on the covers of both Coalitions and its Ancien Regime Expansion. And these are:

·         Duchess Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz - Prussia

·         Prince Klemens von Metternich - Austria

·         Empress Catherine the Great - Russia

·         Sultan Mahmud II - the Ottoman Empire

·         King Ferdinand VI - Spain (for the Ancien Regime Expansion)

Since Britain and France can’t change their diplomatic status in either the core or the expansion game, they don’t need their own Diplomacy Miniatures.

Solo and Co-op Modes

Solitaire mode for Coalitions is elegantly simple. The player takes control of all nations opposing France and tries to capture Paris before Napoleon gains 40 Victory Points. Napoleon’s moves and conquests are determined by the 12 AI cards, so you can never be sure where he’s going to strike.

This mode can be easily expanded to play Coalitions as a fully cooperative game! Instead of playing all the nations, two or more players can take control of a number of European nations and coordinate their actions to topple the French Empire.

Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud

This is what we had in mind by saying “both invasions”. Now that you know you can attempt to outdo Napoleon in Coalitions, how about trying to do the same with Germans on the Eastern Front of World War II?

Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud, a quick 60-minute two-player game, is the way to do just that. The game is already available for pre-order. However, since it will be released at a different date than Coalitions or Pursuit of Victory, we can’t guarantee the shipment of both games at the same time. If such an option becomes available, we’ll contact anyone interested in both games individually.


Have a good day and stay safe,

Srdjan, Adrian & PHALANX Team