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Diplomatic and military maneuvering in Napoleonic Europe. 1-6 players. No downtime. No risk, just fun.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production update
5 months ago – Thu, Jan 25, 2024 at 05:25:36 AM

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately, we have some bad news to share with you related to the printing of paper components – the printing house we chose to print Coalitions has just put us in an impossible situation due to unexpectedly high production costs, which we were ultimately unable to accept as that would put us and everyone employed at PHALANX in difficult financial situation. Thus, we are forced to switch to printing paper components in China. This will delay the shipment of Coalitions to you by a few months; we now anticipate that you will receive the games at the turn of June/July.

As for the miniatures manufacturing process, contrary to our expectations, it’s not yet finished. We still expect it to be completed soon, however, due to changes in printing paper components, any delay on the miniatures part of the production won’t have an impact on the overall completion schedule.

We know how this news sounds to you; this is not what any one of us would want to hear either. We sincerely apologize for the entire situation and we hope this is the last time we have to report any delays to you.

Last update this year
6 months ago – Wed, Dec 20, 2023 at 02:50:30 AM

Hello Everyone!

As per our previous update, the production of our miniatures is almost complete. Preparations are underway to collect them from China in January to avoid any potential delays associated with the Chinese New Year.

Our previous update's timeline remains unchanged. However, we want to draw your attention to concerns about the Suez Canal and the Red Sea. Shipowners have reported challenges and potential cancellations on this transport route, which is often the most efficient for us. We’re closely monitoring the situation and will keep you informed of any developments.

You may be wondering why we have not chosen rail transport. Currently, rail transport is closely linked to transit through the Russian Federation, which we aim to avoid for obvious reasons. We appreciate your understanding of this decision.

Below are images of the mass production copies (MPCs) of the miniature boxes for the game.

The procedure for closing the pledge manager and late pledge remains the same as in our last update. We plan to close the pledge manager as soon as the freighter with the miniatures departs. Therefore, we kindly request that you verify and update your address details by early January. This will ensure that you will be available to receive the game at the specified address in March or April. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wish you all the best in the coming months and a prosperous New Year!

Production, Shipping and Pledge Manager
7 months ago – Mon, Nov 27, 2023 at 04:38:13 AM

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for the patience you've demonstrated throughout this project; we understand your eagerness to dive into the gaming experience we've prepared for you in Coalitions, and we’re doing everything in our power to bring it to you as soon as possible.

That said, here's an update on our production progress:

The miniature manufacturing process is nearing completion, with anticipated availability for collection at the end of December. Following this, the miniatures will be packed onto a freighter bound for Europe. To accommodate potential shipping delays and align with the Chinese New Year festivities starting on January 21, we've decided to implement a buffer period until mid-January.

In the January update, we will provide a tracking link for you to monitor the miniatures' progress. Based on our experience, we expect the freighter to arrive either by the end of February or in mid-March. Consequently, the picking and initial shipments are scheduled to commence by late March or early April. Although this timeline deviates slightly from our initial projections, we believe it's vital to apprise you of this possibility in advance.

When it comes to paper components matter, printing will begin around the time the miniature shipment is in transit to us, allowing for better coordination of subsequent stages and preparation for fulfillment. This approach avoids transporting paper components to the warehouse, potentially impacting delivery times and causing unnecessary complications. Our goal remains to expedite the process and deliver the games to you promptly.

Project timeline

As you know, we try to make every game a unique, memorable experience. Over the course of the campaign, we have promised not just one game but three separate games, and one major expansion – each of which introduces new mechanics, new features, and new roles. We worked very hard to make them different, exciting to play, and properly balanced. This took us longer than we originally anticipated; this was one of the reasons for changing the publishing strategy of our next projects.

Closing the pledge manager

We intend to close the pledge manager as soon as the freighter with the miniatures departs. Therefore, we kindly request you to update your address details by the beginning of January, ensuring that you are available to collect the game at the address specified in March or April. Please get in touch with us if you have any further queries. Thank you!

Production update
8 months ago – Wed, Oct 18, 2023 at 03:28:14 AM

Hello Everyone!

We are currently in anticipation of fresh updates from our manufacturer.

The files containing the paper components, which are being produced in Poland, Central Europe, have been duly forwarded to our printing house and are presently under review. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the printing house, constantly evaluating their feedback, making necessary adjustments, and preparing for updates on the projected completion of the plastic components’ production, transportation details, and the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the container in Europe.

This crucial information will allow us to coordinate with our printer regarding the commencement of printing and preparation for completion of the paper components.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work diligently to ensure a smooth and efficient production process.


Adrian & PHALANX Team

New samples and French rules
10 months ago – Fri, Sep 08, 2023 at 12:20:25 AM

Hello Everyone!

We are delighted to bring you this update, which includes two significant developments and an updated shipping schedule.

This week, we were thrilled to receive another batch of sample miniatures for the base game and the Ancien Régime expansion. We invite you to take a look at these near-final miniatures (please note that the bases will differ from those shown in the photos). In response to a recent suggestion, we have included a standard pencil in the images for scale reference.

We are also excited to introduce the French rules - the Main Rulebook and the Quick Start Guide. These are currently undergoing final proofreading. We kindly request that you review them and ensure that they are clear and readable for you. We are also planning to shar the rulebooks for the expansions soon (hopefully within two weeks), as well as the German and Polish versions of the rulebooks.

Main Rulebook

Quick Start Guide

We regret to inform you that due to ongoing work with the miniatures and delays in packing them onto the freighter, we anticipate that the scheduled shipment will not commence in October as planned. Given the heavy sea traffic and extended waiting times for sea transport, November is now uncertain, and we believe that shipment in December may also not be feasible. If this is indeed the case, it would be prudent to anticipate January 2024 as the month when shipments will begin. We assure you that we will do our utmost to expedite this process, but given our experience with logistics, we prefer to provide a more certain date.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. Your continued support is invaluable to us, and we remain committed to delivering a product that meets your expectations.

In line with the updates provided, we have decided that the Pledge Manager and Late Pledge will be open by the end of November.